Welcome to the home of ecologically friendly INTREPID® garden products located in Ferndale Washington. If you’re seeking optimum results for any plant you’re growing, you’ve come to the right place. The concept of sustainable gardening andorganic gardening is to use a health centered approach to optimize the biological activity of the soil, allowing plants to naturally defend themselves from insects, diseases, and environmental stress.

INTREPID Coco-Coir® Premium Potting Soil has been WSDA registered material since 1999 and is the first Coconut fiber based potting soil in the United States and still the best.

INTREPID Blue Ribbon Fertilizer™ is a high analysis (6-6-7) organic based fertilizer that is infused with our special blend of over 20 strains of microbes that proliferate and aid in disease suppression, cycle nutrients, and elevate productivity.

INTREPID Microbesoft Instant Compost Tea promotes the establishment of beneficial populations of bacteria and fungi over the entire plant and soil, creating the ideal environment for healthy root expansion and plant growth. Developed in 2002, it has been used every day in the nursery for reducing transplant shock and provides the healthiest transplant from the smallest seedling to larger trees and shrubs.

INTREPID products are simply the best products of their kind on the market today. You can rely on that claim because these products were developed and refined with over a decade of research and are used every day in the nursery.

  • They are made from only the highest quality, eco-friendly organic materials
  • They combine traditional organic gardening practices with cutting edge research in biotechnology
  • They have been formulated through years of testing in greenhouse and field conditions
  • They provide plants with an organic nutrient charge that keeps plants vigorous in environments where others fail

Whether you are a commercial grower, interested in understanding advanced production techniques,  or a backyard gardener, interested in organic gardening and sustainable gardening, you will be amazed at how our specially formulated products out-perform the others time and time again.      __________________________________________

Sustainable Agriculture has evolved from three perspectives.

  • As a system of production to achieve food self reliance.
  • As a concept of land stewardship, mindfull of preserving air, water and soil quality.
  • As a vehicle for sustainable rural communities through the development of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farms.

These practitioners utilize sustainable and organic inputs, and view the farm as a dynamic, living and balanced organism.

Sustainable Horticulture has evolved as growers like Windy Meadow Nursery answer the needs of sustainable gardeners, and their demand for viable alternatives to conventionally grown crops, be they fruit, flowers, or vegetable starts.