• Where Good Things Grow®

    WHERE GOOD THINGS GROW® In July of 1989 after studying and working in horticulture for 15 years, Windy Meadow Nursery was founded with the ultimate objective of reducing the need Read More
  • In Search of the Holy Grail

    One mans quest for perfection After years of growing plants, any grower worth his salt is always looking for ways to tweak a little more production from his farm. Watch Read More
  • Scott's Bio

    Scott Titus has been an avid gardener from an early age and worked in green houses before earning his BS in Ornamental Horticulture from Washington State University in 1984. Scott Read More
  • Compost Tea or Me

    Chemical fertilizer has been in use only since the 1940’s. So if we embrace the past with a renewed understanding of the whole intricate system, we can prosper while at Read More
  • Understanding Organics

    In 1989, I started Windy Meadow Nursery with the idea that the plants I produced would perform better in the landscape than my competitors, if I developed a superior growing Read More
  • How Sustainable Are We?

    Striving for a smaller environmental impact. The following is a list of small steps we at Windy Meadow Nursery and The Center for Holistic Advanced Organic Studies Ltd. has implemented Read More
  • The Original Green Industry

    Most of us working in the “green” industry are professional environmentalists whether we realize it or not. We create plants that clean the air of toxins and avert global warming Read More
  • Early Research Into Biological Agents

    Early Research Into Biological Agents In 1987 I moved to Ferndale, Washington to manage a United Agri Products fertilizer plant, interpreting soil samples and formulating fertilizer programs for a diverse Read More
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