csr2 legends glitch

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csr2 legends glitch

Guys together with the works for both iOS as well as Android.
Galera, funciona pra iOS e Android também.

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EN- go the car you wish to restore.

PT/BR-Vá ao carro que você quer restaurar.

EN- Then go to the 250 gto as well as place the 250 gto in garage 1 in 1st position.as I did In video.

PT/BR- E depois vá para a 250 GTO e coloque ela na primeira garagem, na primeira da lista, igual fiz no vídeo.

EN- Then tap legend icon as well as 9 dots icon under it.
As I am doing in video.first tap studio then immediately tap icon under it.

PT/BR- Então aperte no ícone do Legends e nos 9 quadradinhos embaixo dele, igual eu fiz no vídeo.
primeiramente aperte no estúdio e imediatamente aperte ao ícone embaixo dele.

EN- You will achieve garage gallery , if flash occurs it means trick works.
If it didn’t flash, reapeat again as I am doing in video, till I got flash.
You will have flash in screen in 4-5 tries.

PT/BR- Você entrará na galeria de garagem, se acontecer um flash, quer dizer que o truque ta funcionando.
se não ocorrer o flash, repita igual eu fiz no vídeo, iné aconter. o flash irá ocorrer após umas 4-5 tentativas.

EN- after haveting flash click back button.

PT/BR- depois de dar o flash, aperte o botão de voltar

EN- then tap,deliver button as I did, black screen will come.
Wait 3-4 seconds.
Then minimize the online game (don’t close).wait 2 second. Again open the online game , wait 4-5 seconds on black screen.

PT/BR- depois de apertar para entregar o carro igual mostra no vídeo, a tela ficará preta.
Espere 3-4 segundos.
Minimize o jogo (não o feche), espere 2 segundos, e abra denovo o jogo, espere 4-5 segundos na tela preta.

EN- then finally close the online game as well as restart it.
You are done .
Enjoy the completely new restored car.

PT/BR- então finalmente pode fechar o jogo e reiniciar ele.
Você completou o bug.
Curta teu novo carro restaurado.

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Keys in CSR 2 Racing
It’s usually best to use silver as well as gold keys during 10x together with 20x events. Soon after a completely new season begins, there will be a multiplier for the seasons Prestige car. Along with the Prestige car, you’ll be able to do the Prestige Cup as well as potentially earn a lot of RP, however, just begining out together with the may be a small tough to do, as updates may be cost prohibitive as well as you want for in a crew. There’s no guarantee which you’ll have which car, but your chances of pulling what could be among “your” solid early cars is a small superior than just randomly wasting keys on non-multiplier crate openings.
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