csr2 cheats iphone

csr2 cheats iphone

Gold and Cash HACK

Big thanks to Sasha as well as Ysterperd for their help. Cheats which I’ve made so far though they may have not been shown in the video are:

• Cars cost 1cash & 1gold
• Carshop Delivery is Free
• Cash Cars = Yellow Stars
• Gold Cars = Purple Stars
• All Cars In Car Shop
• Can Buy InApp Purchase Cars
• Cash Cars keep their liveries
• Can Strip/Sell any car
• More parts from stripping cars
• Infinite Fusion Parts(no decrease on install)
• Fusion as well as Upgrade costs are free
• Upgrading Stage 1 Car Part will unlock Stage 6 but not install it
• Tuning EP update timing is instant
• No Launch Button in Live Races
• Headlights are always on except in day races**
• Max Zoom In as well as Out
• Can Paint any car
• Free Rare Imports
• Can enter almost any race together with any car
• Infinite Cash as well as Gold
• Jerry’s Rewards Always Active

**= Day races on iOS doesn’t load glow texture so I didn’t bother together with producing headlights work during daylight races.
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What is the best use for Gold?
IMO, the best use for gold in CSR Racing 2 is to re-fill your gas tank. More fuel PiPs equals additional RP. If you use it to speed up your updates, which’s not going to be efficent. Just wait as well as do several of your updates at once when you’re away from the online game. One different possible use would be a just one time gold purchase of your first fantastic car which, we believe is the Porsche 718 Boxster S. It’s a solid t2 car.
If you truly need gold, use csr 2 cheats.