csr2 time glitch

csr2 time glitch

Gold and Cash HACK


This is a 100% working glitch which I found out yesterday, the video is from June 24th 2020 on newest game update (2.12.1) for the iOS.

Before doing the glitch, turn off game music so you may hear the sound from the button clicks.
In some cases on newer/faster phones, you must make your phone slower in order for you to actually have time to do the glitch. What worked for me was to do live races while the phone was charging, causing it to heat up and slow the game down. You could even use power saving mode, running multiple tools in the background etc.

The glitch is the exact same as the previous just one, but instead of begining the glitch from your regular garage, you’re now begining the glitch from the legends garage.

The glitch goes as follows:

1. Choose an already restored legends car from your regular garage. In my example, I used the Shelby Cobra.

2. Head into your legends garage.
Either hit the legends button or select your untestored car from the legends slot. In my example I used the 250 GTO from the legends slot.
It does not matter which method you use.

3. Once inside the legends garage and in your unrestored car, tap the garage button once. A black loading screen will toolear.

4. Spam the exact same garage button after the screen goes black.
You may’t see the buttons, but you know where they are and you will hear the clicking sound from you tapping it.

5. After you hear the sound of the garage button clicks, go ahead and spam the nine dots button right under the garage button, still while the screen is black.
You still don’t see the buttons but you know where they are.

6. This will make your unrestored car being swapped together with your already restored car which you chose in step 1. In my case my unrestored 250 GTO got swapped together with my already restored Shelby Cobra. Now hit the back button, you must now see your already restored car inside the legends garage. (If non of together with this does not happen, and you’re still together with your unrestored car, just repeat from step 1)

7. Tap the restore button once and hit deliver. This may take a few seconds as the game seem to totally freeze up for a bit. Just keep hitting the deliver button until it works.

8. Once the delivery button haves hit, your screen will go black and your game will totally freeze. Then force close the tool and re-open. Your unrestored car must now be in your regular garage, fully restored.

If you did not have it to work right away, use again!
It took me 15minutes to make it work the first time.

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