csr2 online generator

csr2 online generator

Gold and Cash HACK

Turn captions on. All vital instructions will be there

Upgrades 1:09
Tune 1:40
Shifting technique 2:50

In together with the video I will show you how to win every live race you enter. I will even show you how to have your opponent to accept 200K max bets 90% of the time as well as win millions of dollars in a short number of time.

Using together with the technique, I have gone on win streaks of 20+ races earning 200K a race as well as generating ,000,000 every 10 minutes give or take depending on how a number of racers challenge me.

All you need is a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta updated together with stage 5 tires as well as transmission, stage 4+ engine, turbo, as well as stage 3 body as well as intake.

The tune is the most vital part. Tune your car to the highest possible evo score, then go to tires as well as slide it all the way left to 100 grip as well as then go to final ride as well as slide left anywhere from 2.0-2.8.

After you’ve tuned your car, check your dyno then do a test drive as well as use shifting technique I use in the video.


Cars together with Stars
These give additional RP than the non-starred version as well as have additional fusion slots, generating them quicker in the end (compared to the non-starred version).
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