csr2 cash

csr2 cash

Gold and Cash HACK

Once your crew hits 20 million RP to acquire the prize car for the current season, the benefits for grinding to higher rankings are pointless. So, what have to your crew be doing after haveting to 20 mil? Earning which bling bling via cash, gold and keys, not spending hours swapping live races wasting gold to gain useless RP.

Those of you which are f2p, don’t worry, I have not forgotten about you. My f2p account has been lost; however, which’s actually gonna be a plus for yall. Just put anything you are not sure about in the comment section, and I will personally answer together with a chat response, or if needed I will use my p2p account’s resources to recreate your car’s setup to best solve your issue. Enjoy!

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Ways to have fusion parts
First, acquire some bronze keys in live racing. Second, accumulate the free bronze crate Donna gives you every four hours. Next, have a part from acquirening a Daily Battle. Also, race every cup & trial race you may to acquire fusion parts &/or keys. Lastly, buy cars and strip them for fusion parts (for example, you may buy additional t1 Fiesta STs to strip to have fusion parts for your t3 Mustangs or buy additional t2 m235i to strip for your t3 BMW M4s). You will not have Mustang or M4 stage 6 fusion parts together with this way, but rather common, rare, and epic parts which are usable on any Ford or BMW cars in the game (Ford for Ford and BMW for BMW). To have stage 6 parts for the Mustang or M4, you would have to strip Mustangs and M4s.
If you truly need gold, use csr 2 cheats.

Today I am going to show you how to make some cash for your car updates! Watch how I make over 200k in less than 12 mins! Come check it out! Enjoy the video!

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